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Customised Pre School kit

Edulogicx Global provides Global Academic Kits to PreSchool to conduct their Schools in a more effective manner.We provide customisation to PreSchools to give them a edge over their competitors

Customised Global Curated Planners

We give you customised Planners for all Preschool Classes.The Planners are categorised into:

  • Annual Planners

  • Month Planners

  • Day Planners

  • Lecture based Planners

  • Exam Schedules

  • Holiday Schedules

Global Designed Day Plan Based Textbook
  • Lecture Based Text books Specially created as per Day Plans and Lecture plans.

  • Month Based books covering each Day's Introduction/Classwork and Homeworks

  • Concept of One book One month to reduce burden of child

  • Revision Sheet incorporated in every book

  • Monthly Examinations papers Incorporated Subject wise

Global Assessment Platforms
  • Curated Exam Timetables

  • Monthly Subject Wise Revision Papers

  • Oral and Written Examination Modules

  • Unit test-Term Examinations- and Final Examination Subject Wise Portions,Timetables and Papers

  • Special Report Card Generation Software

  • Specially Designed Analytical Online and Offline report Cards.

Become a Global Leader in the Pre School Industry

This Enterprise Platform instantly transforms your Preschool into a Fast paced learning System wherin you can create,manage and monetise your entire delivery and teaching Processes

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