Global Virtual Pre Schools
Global Virtual Pre Schools

Edulogicx Global Dominates the  Education Domain to Create World Class Content Driven Learning Management Systems  for Pre Schools to create a Robust Home Based Learning Atmosphere.

Globally Designed Academic Contents
Become a Global Leader in the Pre School Industry

This Enterprise Platform instantly transforms your Preschool into a Fast paced learning System wher in you can create,manage and monetise your entire delivery and teaching Processes

  • Academin Syallabus For Playgroup,Nursery,Junior k.g and Senior K.g

  • Customised Planners Covering Annual Plans,Month Plans,Day Plans And Lecture Plans.

  • Daily Lecture based Planned Monthly Books in Hard Copies-Digtial Copies-Smart Copies

  • Built in Day wise Homeworks.Revisions and Assessments.